Rag Bag


Dear Parents/Carers

Please note that we have a Container in the play ground to which you can put the following items in:

Bags and Shoes Hats and Belts
Towels and Curtains Bed Linen
No bric a brac Please

As most of you will know we have been able to raise funds for our school through the Rag Bag Scheme.

The bag provided can be filled with - all types of clothing
- bags and shoes
- hats and belts
- towels and curtains
- bed linen
(No bric a brac please)

All clothing and textiles collected are recycled in the U.K. Rag Bag has introduced a book reuse scheme and will pay us 5p a kg for unwanted books which will be sorted and reused.

Since the bags can tear easily, please feel free to use your own. Thank you for your support.

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