School Uniform

Uniform options
In consultation with parents the following items are recommended, should you wish your child to wear them:

Grey skirt or trousers white/grey shirt or blouse, black blazer, school tie, grey pullover/cardigan, school polo shirt, navy school sweatshirt.

Girls may wish to wear tailored trousers during the winter months only.

The polo shirts and sweatshirts can be obtained at Smith’s Sports in Greenock.
Pupils who represent the school e.g. choir, speech contest etc. are recommended to wear,

Grey skirt/ Grey trousers
White blouse /White shirt
School tie
For reasons of safety and comfort pupils should have sandshoes and shorts for physical education.

Inverclyde Education 'Health and Safety in PE Code of Practice' instructs staff that all jewellery, watches, belts with metal buckets, etc. may cause injury to the weather or others taking part in PE and that they must, therefore, be removed - it is not enough to cover the jewellery. It is absolutely essential that your child complies with this instruction to ensure that he/she does not suffer unnecessary injury or cause injury to others. Failure to comply will mean that your child will not be able to participate in practical PE lessons.

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