Staffing List 2016 - 2017

Head Teacher: Mrs P Robertson
Depute Head Teacher: Mrs M. McKay

Primary 1 : Miss S Meechan

Primary 2/1 : Miss K. McCready

Primary 3/2 : Miss C Hoey / Mrs G Workman

Primary 3 : Miss C McArthur

Primary 4: Miss M Todd / Miss K McAfferty

Primary 5 : Mrs L Nelis

Primary 6/5 : Mrs L Oliver

Primary 6 : Miss R Dougall

Primary 7 : Mrs J Docherty 

Non Class Contact Time : Mrs J Mullan

Support For Learning Teacher: Mr J. McPate

Clerical Staff: Mrs A Sweeney & Mrs H. Dalgleish

Classroom Assistants: Mrs M.Maclean and Mrs C. McLachlan

ASN Auxiliary: Mrs E. McIlvogue and Mrs D Gorman

Janitor: Mr M. Sinclair
Cook-in -Charge: Mrs J. McNab
Lunch Supervisor: Mrs A. Rankin

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